Spring at Forvie and Troup Head

Agnes’s niece, Aurianne, visited us for the last week of March and fell in love with the Grey Seals at Forvie Sands. In all we spent three afternoons with these inquisitive animals. On our second visit, a couple of young seals whose curiosity got the better of them, decided that we didn’t appear to pose a threat and moved up the beach towards us. In the end Aurianne was within half a meter of them both, and provided she made no sudden movements, they were content to doze whilst she looked on.

Amongst many other species, the Ythan Estuary is an important breeding ground for Black Headed Gulls and Eider Ducks. Eiders are the largest and when in flight the fastest ducks we have in the UK capable of reaching speeds of 70 miles an hour. Although Eiders are present in the Ythan estuary all year round, their numbers increase in the spring. This time of year, large numbers of Black Headed Gulls nest in the dunes on the North side of the estuary and provide a noisy sound track to your visit.

Gannets are one of my favourite sea birds. During this visit to Troup Head strong onshore winds helped to confirm what masters of the sky these magnificent birds are.