Rattray Head

We have had a couple of visits to Rattray Head this winter. Rattray Head is on the Aberdeenshire coast between St Combs and Peterhead. It is characterised by miles of sandy beach and series of impressive sand dunes. Rattray Head light house is only a short distance offshore.

During our first visit we were sand blasted by some of the strong winds that this stretch of coastline is known for. In several places we came across these beautiful perfect circles that had been etched in to the sand by grass stems which were being blown around.

On our second visit, after several winter storms, sadly the beach was covered in large volumes of plastic, rubber, and an astounding amount of discarded or lost fishing gear. There were enough rope, nets, metal lobster baskets, fishing buoys and floats to be able open a ship chandlers store.

Amongst all this junk we also saw the dead bodies of a juvenile Seal, Eider Duck, Razor Bill, Kittiwake and several other bird carcasses that were beyond recognition.
This walk was a stark reminder of huge rubbish bin our environment is turning into.
Here are a few contrasting photographs from the walk. For the photos that give an impression of a clean beach, simply by changing the point of view by a few degrees, all of these photographs would have contained some sizable item of junk.