Roe Deer at Kerras Wood

Every day on my way to and from work I drive past a fir plantation called Kerras wood. Between the trees and the road is a small valley within which it is often possible to see Roe Deer grazing. Although they seem oblivious to the cars on the road, any attempt to stop and photograph them invariably results in the Deer rapidly disappearing in to the trees.

One of our neighbours, Ernie, had spent a good many years Deer Stalking, but has now retired his guns and telescopic sights and replaced them with binoculars. Ernie has kindly been providing me with hints and tips on how to get close enough to Deer to get some decent photo opportunities without scaring them off. A couple of evenings earlier this week it was time to see if I had been paying attention to Ernie’s advice, so armed with the camera, wearing some army surplus camouflage clothing, I headed off in to the woods.