June’s garden birdlife

This time of year the trees and hedges around the garden are full of fledglings and the constant to and fro of their parents with mouthfuls of insects and worms.

We have had more Collared Doves than recent years and have seen several Juveniles that are not yet wary of their human companions in the garden and will remain as they are passed by by only a couple of metres.

The bird boxes around the house and against the beech hedge are a favourite nesting place for our resident population of Tree and House Sparrows.

Another bird we appear to have seen more of this year is the Jackdaw. I love the seeing these birds in sunlight when their feathers show their iridescent colours.

Along one boundary of the garden there is a small population of Reed Buntings. Its interesting that we don’t see these anywhere else in the garden unlike most of the other species we see.