Grasshopper & Sedge Warblers

The chirping of the Toads at our pond has been replaced with the loud singing of the Sedge Warbler. The Sedge Warblers song it a fantastic mix if chirps, clicks, buzzes and whistles and is continually varying.

Over the last week we have also heard a new sound in the evenings with the arrival of a Grasshopper Warbler. As we had never heard one of these before, we enlisted the help of our friend Annie to identify it based on a recording we made on a mobile phone. As its name would suggest, its song resembles the sound of a Grasshopper (a very loud Grasshopper!). The first time we heard it we thought it was coming from a bush near to the house, but in fact it seems it was about 30 metres behind this. As it sings, the Grasshopper Warbler turns its head sending a wall of sound in all directions making it quite hard to pinpoint where the sound is coming from. Yesterday evening I sat scouring a patch of ground planted with young trees for about 40 minutes attempting to catch a look at this noisy visitor. Finally, just as the sun was starting to dip behind some clouds I spotted some movement and was able to get the photograph below. From the distance the picture is taken, its head strongly resembles a Sedge Warbler, but there was no mistaking its song.