Sheep Herding

Hutton in the Forest

A selection of images from the Hutton in the Forest sheepdog trial.

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Herding clinic at Drumdollo

Last Weekend we played host to this years Sheep Herding Clinic with Derek Scrimgeour. Agnes has been organising this clinic for the last 6 years to provide both a safe and controlled environment to introduce beginners to herding and also to help those who are considering or actively trialing and/or working with sheep, exposure to help from one of the top handlers in the country.

This Clinic has become popular over the years and if often fully booked by a usual list of suspects for the next year before we pack up on the last day. Agnes can be contacted via her Canine-Pawsibilities website for more information on the clinic.

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Mehwi meets his first Swaledales

During a long weekend at Lonscale farm, we met up with Agnes’ friend Pierre who had driven with his brother from Austria to pick up his new Puppy, Kala. During our time at the farm we were able to do some training with Manouk and Mozzie. Agnes could not resist the opportunity for Derek to introduce Mehwi to his first Swaledales in the small training field. 

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ISDS World Sheepdog Championships

The 2011 World Sheepdog Championships were held between the 15th and 18th September at the Lowther Estate in Cumbria. Torrential rain fell during the first 2 days turning the venue into a mud bath ( a bit like Glastonbury, but for Dogs). The photographs here were taken during the semi finals on the Saturday the 17th when the rain finally stopped.

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ISDS International Sheepdog Championships

This years ISDS International was held at Tain, north of Inverness. 

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George Simpson & Ben

We are fortunate that one of the local sheep farmers is an experienced sheepdog handler and is happy to allow us to work with his training sheep. George has often has over 4000 sheep to look after and has a preference for strong working dogs. The day after the Forgue Trial we were able to watch as George worked his dog Ben with a flock of approximately 40 sheep around the trial course. 

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Manouk & Skye training at Lonscale

Manouk and Skye working the Swaledales at Lonscale farm.

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Joyce Grier & Jim

Joyce Grier working her dog Jim at Stonehouse.

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Spring Herding Clinic with Derek Scrimgeour