Our Dogs


Ugly Puppy

Mehwi takes over from Mozzie as the Ugly Puppy in the household.

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Mr Photogenic

Yet again, Mollo proves that its almost impossible to take a bad photograph of him.

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Introducing Mehwi

After many weeks of deliberation, we would like to introduce Mehwi. Mehwi is a son of Manouk and Derek Scrimgeour’s bitch Lyn. He keeps up the tradition of names beginning with M (It took Agnes longer to choose the name than the dog, and choosing the dog was a marathon!).

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Ben Rinnes

Agnes, Donna, Myself and the Guys spent 3 hours of Sunday walking to and from the summit of Ben Rinnes. Ben Rinnes is an easy but steady uphill climb and the summit was still covered by the first snow of the season from the previous weekend. On the way up Mozzie spent several minutes rolling in the snow to cool off (better than some of the things he usually finds to roll in!). At the summit, Mollo used his best hypnotic skills on Donna to charm her out of a significant part of her packed lunch. As usual, Midge & Manouk spent the whole walk disputing which of them would carry the tennis ball.

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Agility training session with Manouk



An afternoon at Findlater Castle


A windy Sunday at Cullen Beach


Sandend Beach

Christmas morning was calm and mild in contrast to some to the recent storms that had been pounding the North Coast. This was a good excuse to take the dogs for an early morning walk along the Beach at Sandend.

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Mr Perfect and Associates

Manouk (a.k.a. Mr Perfect)  headlines with an all star cast in his latest block busting movie, “Fun Agility at East Glacks” (Although I think Agnes could have come up with a snappier title!)



An Afternoon in the Garden

Chilling out in the Garden, with the exception of Midge who has a cat to herd.

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