Our Dogs

March 2020

February 2020

Did you say Tunnel?

What are you looking at?

Sunnyside Beach

Another afternoon spent at a deserted Sunnyside Beach.

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Not quite Black and White

A few photo’s of Mozzie and Manouk at the River Deveron near to the Bridge of Marnoch. 

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Zia, Koda and Mehwi

Zia, Koda and Mehwi getting to play together at the  SBCC show.

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A Puppy Gathering

This weekend we had a house full of Dogs  (not that five isn’t a house full already). On Sunday Mehwi had chance to romp around with three of his siblings, Fionn, Zia and Tuppence.

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Mehwi & Tuppence

This afternoon Matthew brought Tuppence round to visit her brother Mehwi. Ater an hour or so of mayhem in the house, the weather had brightened up enough to be able to get out in to the garden with Tess & Manouk.

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Whilst Mollo calmly watches from the comfort of the sofa, Mozzie once again shows Mewhi his favourite scene from the film Alien.

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