Iain Taylor

Relaxing on Mull

Whilst Agnes was paddleboarding around the Mull coastline, the Dogs and Myself went exploring some of the coastal paths and take in the views including Carsaig with it’s impressive volcanic cliffs with columnar basalt layers to secluded Croggan beach. In addition several evenings sitting beside Loch Na Keal¬† & Loch Scridain allowed some time to watch and photograph some of the local bird life.

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Paddleboarding on Mull

Mull has fantastic coastal scenery with crystal clear water. Combined with the fine weather we had during our recent visit this produced some spectacular paddleboarding opportunities.

Who shall have a fishy?

Having spent many hours scouring the Mull shoreline for the chance sighting of an Otter last week we had some fantastic luck on our last afternoon. We saw the Otter enter the water about 50 metres away and after a short period of diving and surfacing with small items of prey, which it ate on the surface, it dove and resurfaced with a much larger fish that it then brought to shore to eat.

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June’s garden birdlife

This time of year the trees and hedges around the garden are full of fledglings and the constant to and fro of their parents with mouthfuls of insects and worms.

We have had more Collared Doves than recent years and have seen several Juveniles that are not yet wary of their human companions in the garden and will remain as they are passed by by only a couple of metres.

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Moray SUP training session

Having taken to SUP’s like a duck to water, Agnes has been spending Saturday mornings learning the required techniques and skills to use her board safely with the Moray SUP club in Lossiemouth. A decent swell during one session provided good surfing practice and a decent opportunity to take some action photographs.

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North West Highlands

A trip to the North West Highlands of Scotland with Agnes, Donna and Olive; Olive being Donna’s nickname for her old VW Camper van. Agnes & Donna tried out their recently acquired Stand Up Paddleboards against a backdrop of amazing scenery and sunsets, firstly at Loch Maree and then at Loch Druim Suardalain.

A visit to Achnahaird beach always means spectacular view, but this time the setting sun cast a wonderful orange glow onto Suilven, Cul Mor, Stac Polliadh, Cul Beag & Ben Mor Coigach

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Garden Wildlife

Over the last week I have made more of an effort to take my camera out when taking the dogs for their morning walk.

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Some of this winters birds

I don’t seem to have found time this winter to spend much time photographing the local birdlife. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some more time with the camera over the coming weeks as we start to see more bird activity around the garden.

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Rattray Head

We have had a couple of visits to Rattray Head this winter. Rattray Head is on the Aberdeenshire coast between St Combs and Peterhead. It is characterised by miles of sandy beach and series of impressive sand dunes. Rattray Head light house is only a short distance offshore.

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It’s a little bit nippy outside

As the mercury started falling on the 10th of February the clear skies provided an amazing sunset.

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