Terns at the Ythan Estuary

Common and Sandwich Terns and Black-headed Gulls at the Ythan Estuary, Newburgh.

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Wildlife near to home

A selection of some of the wildlife photographed near to home earlier this year.

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Swallows at the pond.

In 2017 I didn’t seem to find much time to spend photographing birds, hopefully there will be more opportunities in 2018.

When I did get time with the camera, I spent a good proportion of this either in the garden or close to home. One challenge I set myself was to try and capture some images of the Swallows that turn up to nest each year. During the day they head out after insects but keep returning every couple of hours to dive into the pond to drink. Because of their size, the speed they skim the surface of the pond at, and their ability to always seem to head for the part of the pond that happens to be in shadow, its so far been hard to get many decent images, a few of the better ones are included below.

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Hutton in the Forest

A selection of images from the Hutton in the Forest sheepdog trial.

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Blue, Coal and Great Tits in the Garden

Northern Lights

Last night we were treated to another fine display of northern lights.

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Sunnyside Beach

Another afternoon spent at a deserted Sunnyside Beach.

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Mither Tap

Mither Tap is an unmistakable landmark on the skyline of Aberdeenshire. Part of the Bennachie range of hills, it has an Iron Age fort on its summit from which there are fantastic views in all directions.

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Not quite Black and White

A few photo’s of Mozzie and Manouk at the River Deveron near to the Bridge of Marnoch. 

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Milky Way and Northern Lights

At the end of last month, we had some wonderfully clear evenings that provided great views of the Milky Way and the Northern Lights. Sadly the alignment was all wrong to try and get a photo of both together in a single image, but you can’t always have everything.

This was the first time I have tried to photograph the Milky Way having been inspired by the many amazing images you can find on the internet. I’m pleased with the results so far but still have a lot more experimentation to do. If we could just get some more evening skies like this one…

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