How to attack a twig

Mungo getting to grips with his vegetarian side by savaging a twig

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Woodside Agility Show, 2011

Absolutely no favoritism here, but well done to Agnes and Manouk for winning their first Championship Class.

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Scottish Border Collie Club Agility Show, 2011


Toad Invasion

Every spring hundreds of Common Toads (Bufo Bufo) seemingly appear from no where to breed in our pond and the afternoon and evening air is full of their ‘chirping’.

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George Simpson & Ben

We are fortunate that one of the local sheep farmers is an experienced sheepdog handler and is happy to allow us to work with his training sheep. George has often has over 4000 sheep to look after and has a preference for strong working dogs. The day after the Forgue Trial we were able to watch as George worked his dog Ben with a flock of approximately 40 sheep around the trial course. 

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Cleared for take off

I often see Mute Swans on the river Don at Dyce, but very rarely see them in flight. During a lunchtime visit I was lucky enough to see one of these graceful birds taking off and then flying low across the surface of the river.

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Clann an Drumma

One of the benefits of qualifying for the Highland Final is the opportunity to spend the rest of the day at the Scottish Game fair and watch the other displays.  This year the Scottish Tribal Music Band Clann an Drumma (Children of the Drum) played a couple of times in the main arena. Their music is combines a heavy percussion element combined with Highland Bagpipes.

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Agility Zone Highland Final, 2010

On the 3rd July, the Scottish Game Fair held at Scone Palace, Perth, hosted the 2010 Agility Zone Highland Final.  Judged by Paul Thompson, looking very resplendent in his kilt, the final was won by Dianne Bisset, with Sarah Osbourne second and Agnes Campan third.

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Avon Agility Show, 2010


Scottish Kennel Club Agility Show, 2010