Blue Tit, River Don.

Fighting Pheasants

Every spring the Pheasants that we often see in garden and fields around the house start squaring up to each other. It interesting to see these usually shy birds become oblivious to their surroundings as the compete with each other in search of a mate.

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January in the Garden

Just some of the many visitors we have to the bird feeders dotted around the garden.

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Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Over the last few months Agnes had been telling me that she had seen a Woodpecker using the bird feeders we have in the garden, but each time she tried to point it out it was no where to be seen. Finally we were able to grab a picture from the kitchen window of it taking some peanuts.

Huntly Falconry Centre

During the summer months the Huntly Falconry Centre put on flying displays with some of their birds each day.

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Moorhen and Chicks

Having a large pond in the garden means we have easy access to interesting wildlife on our door step. We have Moorhens all year round. During the Winter months we sometimes see them feeding below the bird feeders. They breed in the early spring hiding their chicks in the reeds beds around the pond.

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Toad Invasion

Every spring hundreds of Common Toads (Bufo Bufo) seemingly appear from no where to breed in our pond and the afternoon and evening air is full of their ‘chirping’.

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Cleared for take off

I often see Mute Swans on the river Don at Dyce, but very rarely see them in flight. During a lunchtime visit I was lucky enough to see one of these graceful birds taking off and then flying low across the surface of the river.

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