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Whilst Mollo calmly watches from the comfort of the sofa, Mozzie once again shows Mewhi his favourite scene from the film Alien.

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Ugly Puppy

Mehwi takes over from Mozzie as the Ugly Puppy in the household.

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Mr Photogenic

Yet again, Mollo proves that its almost impossible to take a bad photograph of him.

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Christmas in France

We spent Christmas and New Year with Agnes’  family in France, initially staying with with her parents in Annecy and then at her eldest sister’s house in Aurec sur Loire.

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Introducing Mehwi

After many weeks of deliberation, we would like to introduce Mehwi. Mehwi is a son of Manouk and Derek Scrimgeour’s bitch Lyn. He keeps up the tradition of names beginning with M (It took Agnes longer to choose the name than the dog, and choosing the dog was a marathon!).

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New Bird Albums

The alums containing some of my bird photographs have now been upgraded from the old bankheadagility site.

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A New Look

After 6 years, it is time to give the old bankheadagility site a bit of an update. It is not that I didn’t like the old layout, just that keeping it updated was a bit of a pain.  As the long evenings are now a significant feature of living in Aberdeenshire I should have plenty of time to migrate all the content over.

Ben Rinnes

Agnes, Donna, Myself and the Guys spent 3 hours of Sunday walking to and from the summit of Ben Rinnes. Ben Rinnes is an easy but steady uphill climb and the summit was still covered by the first snow of the season from the previous weekend. On the way up Mozzie spent several minutes rolling in the snow to cool off (better than some of the things he usually finds to roll in!). At the summit, Mollo used his best hypnotic skills on Donna to charm her out of a significant part of her packed lunch. As usual, Midge & Manouk spent the whole walk disputing which of them would carry the tennis ball.

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Irish Red & White Setter Gathering, Huntly

On Sunday the 22nd, a gathering of Irish Red & White setters and their owners was held at Huntly. Agnes had been contacted by the organiser to see if it was possible to for her to provide a short agility demonstration to the group. With the help of Ruth & Kevin Macintosh, their daughter Michelle & myself, Agnes setup a small agility course and provided a descriptive commentary whilst Scamp, Guinness, Bailey, Mollo & Mozzie provided a demonstration before also joining in with Manouk.

Following the demonstration, and with coaching from Agnes, Kevin & Ruth some of those attending we willing to have a try with their dogs over the jumps and on a low height dog walk.

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ACTS Agility Show, 2013

Photographs from a half hour session sitting in the sun watching how some of the grade 6 & 7 handlers coped with a 9 pole weave

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