Iain Taylor

Kirkhill Stone Circle

Kirkhill Stone Circle is located at the edge of Kirkhill Forest overlooking Aberdeen Airport and Dyce. There are ten standing stones in total with the two tallest located adjacent to a massive recumbent stone located on the southern flank of the circle. The circle is approximately fifteen metres in Diameter. Recumbent Stone Circles are unique to Aberdeenshire and are thought to be used as Calendars rather than burial sites.

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Kirkhill Forest & Fyvie Lake

Beggshill Wood


Birds from May and June

SKC Large Championship Final

All the finalists from the Large Championship final. A fantastic result for Agnes and Manouk (AKA Mr even more Perfect) and also Congratulations to Iain Douglas and Fly for winning the reserve.

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SKC Small & Medium Championship Final

Finalist in the Small and Medium Championship agility classes judged by Tricia Elms.

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A week in Flight

A selection of birds in flight from this week’s lunch times spent alongside the River Don.

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Canine Pawsibilities training session

Photos from a recent Canine Pawsibilities training session

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Zia, Koda and Mehwi

Zia, Koda and Mehwi getting to play together at the  SBCC show.

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