Iain Taylor

Skies above Drumdollo & Drumblade

Some of the spectacular skies we have had over the last month or so.

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Roe Deer

Roe Deer hiding in the Barley field next to our house.

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Portsoy Sunset

The last rays of the setting Sun over Portsoy.

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Agility training in the Scottish Sunshine

Another Canine-Pawsibilities Agility training session last Sunday combined with unbroken sunshine, boundless enthusiasm and some very acrobatic handling.

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Buzzards vs Crows

Last Sunday morning I watched a couple of Buzzards spend an hour or so pushing their luck with several Crows. Initially perching on the top of some fir trees some distance away they repeatedly kept advancing to an electricity pole nearer to where the Crows were nesting. Each time one of the Buzzards landed on the pole the Crows started harassing it in to retreating back to the fir trees.

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Spring 2016

This spring we have had a number of new visitors to the Garden.

At the beginning of may we had our first sighting of a Bullfinch. This little fellow was quite content chomping through the new buds on one of the trees at the back of the house. At the pond we have had a pair of Tufted Ducks visit early one morning, and we are now also starting to regularly see Red Legged Partridge

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Winter 2016

This Winter there has always been something that needed doing at the weekend which limited the opportunities of getting out with the camera.

There are a couple of fields close to the house which this year which have Highland Cattle, or ‘Hippy Cows’ as Agnes and all her family prefer to call them.

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Aurora over Watch Mount

To the back of our home is an elongate hill called Watch Mount upon which a row of mature Beech trees runs along the crest. On Monday evening the skies to North of this were glowing with the tail end of a display of the Northern Lights which had been seen extensively throughout the UK the previous evening, although sadly Agnes and Myself had missed this!

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Herding clinic at Drumdollo

Last Weekend we played host to this years Sheep Herding Clinic with Derek Scrimgeour. Agnes has been organising this clinic for the last 6 years to provide both a safe and controlled environment to introduce beginners to herding and also to help those who are considering or actively trialing and/or working with sheep, exposure to help from one of the top handlers in the country.

This Clinic has become popular over the years and if often fully booked by a usual list of suspects for the next year before we pack up on the last day. Agnes can be contacted via her Canine-Pawsibilities website for more information on the clinic.

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A Kestrel in the Garden

Last Friday I spotted a Kestrel hovering at the edge of our garden. Its presence possibly explains the scattered feathers I have been finding on the ground over the last couple of weeks.

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