Iain Taylor


A cloudless night

A cloudless sky was perfect for tying to capture a photograph of the moon. Although a couple of days short of a full moon, the image came out pretty well. I particularly like the shadows on the craters in the bottom left of the image which give a real insight to the size of these features.

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A New Year Walk

A crisp winter morning walk with Marion and Alastair and their dogs.

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The Chase

Midge (a.k.a. “The Fun Police”) giving chase to Mollo through the snow in the field behind our house.

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Stick em Up!

Midge, and her partner in crime Manouk, protesting their innocence having been caught red handed (or is that pawed?) of plotting to steal Mozzie’s squeaky mouse.

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Mozzie’s first Weekend at home

The first snow of winter arrived the on the Mozzie’s first weekend at home.

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Portnockie Beach

Taken in the afternoon twighlight with a long lens, although they are not particularly sharply in focus, I love the compressed depth of field on these pictures.

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ACTS Agility Show, 2008


Swimming in the Deveron


Summer Evening Walks

A few photographs from our evening walks up through our field.

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Granite City Agility Show, 2008