February 2014


Aurora Borealis

Thursday evening was spent in the garden watching the Aurora Borealis. No moon and a virtually cloudless sky helped to produce the most stunning display Agnes & Myself have ever seen since we have been living in Scotland. What the images don’t capture was the rapid swirling movement we were also seeing.  This will certainly be a night to remember.

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This years first trip to the Don

Clear skies for a change made a visit to the river Don at lunch time possible. The river is still flowing quickly following the recent heavy rainfall and it is still over its banks in several places. Today’s sightings included the Heron and Goosanders below, but also a number of Wrens and a Cormorant, although the Cormorant turned up just as it was time to head back to the office.

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A Puppy Gathering

This weekend we had a house full of Dogs  (not that five isn’t a house full already). On Sunday Mehwi had chance to romp around with three of his siblings, Fionn, Zia and Tuppence.

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A breezy day at Sunnyside beach

Sunnyside Beach, to the West of Sandend, is one of our favourite walks, even on a windy day like this one.

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Hatton of Fintray

The River Don breaks it banks at Hatton of Fintray following the previous days heavy rainfall.

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